Advanced Renewal Serum

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This professional strength Retinol treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration while improving your skin’s tone and texture. Only dispensed in a physicians office.


Unlike other retinol products that may irritate your skin, our serum is formulated with 90% soothing Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid. This professional strength Retinol is recommended for first time user, patients with Rosacea or sensitive skin.

Apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin at night, avoiding the eye area. When initially starting on Retinol it may cause skin irritation and redness. Limit initial use to once or twice a week and slowly increase to daily. Once tolerated its recommended to increase to the Retinol .5 strength.

All-trans-Retinol: Vitamin A Green Tea Polyphenols: Potent Antioxidant Hyaluronic Acid: Humectant and Moisturizer and Caffeine: Potent Antioxidant

1 review for Advanced Renewal Serum

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    This product is super rich and potent; a single pump covers the face so it lasts quite a long time. I like to use the ultra hydrating serum underneath to help the renewal cream penetrate my skin. It’s excellent for cell turnover and anti-aging effects. Keeping it in my arsenal of must-haves!

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